passing on

I’ve had this blog open for, gosh, a few years.

Since April 2006 actually.

And now it’s time to move on.  Not to close, but to move on.

It seems a little pointless keeping two blogs open, so as the other one is linked to my business, that is the one I shall keep open.

I shall leave this one here, though not updating it.

And here is my link to Susan Sharpe Ceramics.

See you over there…………………..

zero = no socks

This in the BBC news on the internet caught my eye


Is zero an even number?

According to husband, who understands numbers and other such things, zero is a number.

I work it out as such.

An even number is one that works K1, P1 rib out, or even K2, P2 rib out.

But if you have zero as a number and I cast on zero stitches then you won’t have any socks for Christmas…………….

See maths is easy when put in knitting terms.

liverpool here I come

Saturday  November 24th  2012   10am – 7pm

Held in ‘The Light’ Ballroom – Liverpools historic ‘The Royal Liver Building’

admission £2 on the door ~ children under 16 free

~ light refreshments available throughout the day  ~  4-6pm Mulled wine [Choir 4pm - 5pm]

glass – paper – ceramics – photography – wood – metal – fabric – print – paint – mixed media

We Remember

My Dad served in World War II in the RAF, just missing out on becoming a pilot due to complicated mathematics that his village school teaching until the age of 13 did not fit him for, but he still served, and flew.

He was in charge of transport in various locations round the world, he served in South Africa, India and finally in Burma.

He came home.

My Dads cousin, did not, he died after being in France for 4 weeks, taking food along the trenches to other soldiers, he was 20 years old,  and it was just weeks away from the end of World War I.

This is the only photograph we have which was printed in the local paper.  As far as we can tell no one talked about him in the family, and so we are not sure who remembers him today.

But we do, and all those who have fought, and died, or who survived, not just in the forces, but those civilians who lost their lives too.


It’s cold out there tonight, some parts of the Uk have snow – it’s October, not January!

Anyway I was sitting in my shed looking at my favourite bush in the garden, it has gorgeous yellow flowers on it, and thinking how lovely it was, it still has a few flowers in bloom and the odd bud.

I don’t think it will survive tonights cold.

Bye bye lovely yellow flowers, until next spring, look forward to seeing you in bloom again.


all over again

It’s been on pre order for ages

It’s the same brown card wrapping.

It’s the same shape.

It’s the same new book smell.

The paper.

The ink.

The same name on the front.

It’s like deja vu, all over again.

But it’s not Harry.

If I open the book, will I be relegating Harry to a different world, the voice will be the same, but strange.

Can I let go of Harry and move on………… yet……………..

moving stock along

I have a full shop and plenty of stock and so I’ve decided to treat you all to a one day sale.

For one day only, tomorrow, thursday 27th if you enter CELADON1 at the check out the you can have 20% off.

Remember one day only, I’ll be deactivating on friday morning.

Etsy Shop

i want my mummy

Darling daughter is feeling home sick this evening, and wants to come home, or see us, or something.

So Mummy and Daddy are flying off to her side tomorrow and we’ll take her out for lunch, and spend time with her and love and hug her and reassure her that we are here and she’s okay.

I think once her classes start properly she’ll be more occupied and get into the swing of things.

Glad I cleaned all the carpets today, and had not left it until tomorrow.  Big old lad, our eldest cat, always seems to have a spate of being ill on the carpet every autumn, we had him checked out by the vet last year, but he was fine.

I think he must be eating something out side that is seasonal that does not agree with him – you would have thought that he’d avoid it by now.

Still you can’t be cross with a cat that is so relaxed and snuggled on the sofa, and who just loves tickles from his Mum.

new home?

Well our darling daughter has spent 24 hours away from home and seems to be settling in well.

So far University living has been a 2am fire alarm, and hand washing socks, and finding novel ways to hang them up to dry involving pins and a notice board, and this evening a pub quiz with her girl flatmates.

Lynny is excited and seems to be happy, though on Saturday just before we left her she did say that she wanted to go home.

But that was the parting, and now she begins her new life, and we have to begin ours.

A life for us that does not include Lynny to the extent that it has, being aware that their are new friends and experiences that are  away from us and home, and that she will think of where she is as her new home.

And the idea was back into work, it’s been put on hold for a wee while as getting a daughter packed and ready for university seemed to be a full time job, but I’ve hurt my shoulder and I’ll not be throwing pots or rolling clay for a day or two.

And the other news on the work front is that my little electric kiln is now attached to the house wiring and works.  The electrician came on Thursday.  So hope to have work to fire in little Harry soon.